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Windsor football coaches are ready for the 2012 season

Friday, September 14th, 2012 | Posted by

The 2012 football  season is just beginning, but the coaches of Windsor High’s Jaguars are ready to go. The Jaguars went undefeated last year and they’ve started this season with a record of 1 – 1. The first win came last week, when they beat Heritage High School (Brentwood) 35 to 31.

Despite very busy schedules, varsity coach Vic Amick and freshman coach Mark Tietsort answered several questions about this season’s prospects.

How long have you been involved with football, and how long with Windsor High?

Amick: I’ve played football since I was 9, all the way through college football. I’m 25 now. I’ve been at Windsor for three seasons.

Tietsort: I have been coaching over the past 10 years and have been with Windsor for the past three years, two with the JV program before becoming head coach for the freshmen this year.  It is interesting because I coached with the Windsor Knights as a head coach over the years and have seen many of the players develop over the years. There is nothing more exciting than seeing student athletes grow and develop into outstanding football players.  It is really fun to see our JV players over the past two years move up and have so much success in the varsity program.

If they’re still on the team, are last year’s “stars” performing like last year? Do you have any new or up-and-coming stars?

Amick: Every player on this team is a star and is important. Some shine brighter than others, but we couldn’t do it without all 38 guys supporting and playing for one another.

The varsity team went undefeated last season. How did that impact this year’s freshman team?

Tietsort:  As you may know, the seniors on the varsity team before the start of the year had won 24 straight games (10 at JV and 14 last year as juniors, with only two losses their freshman year).  So a lot of success throughout the past three years.  This not only impacted the program, it has sparked a desire to play football at Windsor.

This year we had over 70 players come out to play for the freshman football program Windsor.  This can certainly be attributed to the recent success and great coaching staffs within the program. The freshman players and coaching staff feel an obligation to continue the groundwork that has been laid out by our amazing varsity team last year, and the outstanding varsity team and coaching staff in place this season.

Are the players feeling any pressure to live up to last season? If they are, how are they dealing with it?

Tietsort: There is always the pressure of keeping the program at a high level, and the players and coaches certainly feel that way.  However, we teach our players to think about today and to worry about what they can do to make a difference and be a team player.  Football is very much a team sport, and each player has to follow their assignment 100% on each and every play.  I believe the players deal with it by setting high expectations for themselves and knowing that every day they can get better, and if they do that, they and the school will have continued success throughout their football career and life.

Are you doing anything differently this year because of last season’s success?

Amick:  No added pressure or changing anything differently this offseason.  We want to be great, and that comes with showing up every day and preparing and getting one day better.

Tietsort: As far as the freshman program, first and foremost we want to make sure that all of our players are excellent students and put their education first.  With that said, we are trying to stay consistent with our varsity program and develop players within our current system.

It is very important that we stay consistent and teach the same terminology and approach at all levels, and it starts at the freshman level.  We have a few different twists on practice, but really it is all about fundamentals, repetition and teaching the philosophies of the game of football.  I teach Fundamentals, Values, Integrity in all that our student athletes do on and off the field.

Who do you think will be this year’s toughest opponent?

Amick: Each week is our toughest opponent. We don’t look past anybody, and we respect everyone we line up against. Otherwise you’ll fall into a trap.

Tietsort: I feel that on any given day the team on the other side of the field is a tough opponent.  We play week to week and prepare for the team ahead.  We have several tough opponents this year.  With all of our success, I know that teams are coming ready to play and will play their hearts out against us.  So it is a very tough question to answer.

Are there any team rituals or superstitions?

Tietsort: Ha ha. Well, yes, of course, but I cannot let that information out. We have to have some secrets in our program!

Are there going to be any special events you’d like to tell the community about?

Tietsort: As with any school, we count on the community and the parents to support the program in many ways throughout the year.  The players and our Boosters are always reaching out for support, and we cannot thank everyone enough.

The Jaguars’ first home game is Sept. 14 against Washington High School (Fremont). For more information on the team, visit windsorhs.com/athletics.

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